Learning is for Everyone



At Whitgreave Junior School, we aim to:

  • Support each and every child, to achieve their full potential, both academically and personally, celebrating our achievements.
  • Nurture and develop self-esteem in all children and foster the positive ethos of ‘Don’t say no, have a go’!
  • Provide a safe, secure environment, where all lessons are challenging, engaging and inspiring, providing tools to aid enjoyment and enthusiasm, in order to reach the ultimate goal – success.
  • Empower all children to develop an active interest in their own learning, thus fostering motivation and a thirst for learning, whilst developing knowledge and understanding of the world.
  • Foster an ethos of high expectations and aspirations for all.
  • Support each and every child to develop self-respect and to respect the opinions, feelings and possessions of others.
  • Provide all children with an equal opportunity to learn and to take part in all aspects of school life at Whitgreave, along with opportunities to develop skills and experiences within the local Community.
  • Create a happy and friendly learning environment for all members of the Whitgreave Team and the local Community.
  • Encourage the involvement of parents and carers in school life, working in partnership together, whilst encouraging and supporting parents and carers to develop their own skills and experiences.
  • Develop an ethos where everybody matters, everyone counts.

We enter to learn! We leave and achieve!

David Duffell