Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors are made up of children ranging from Year 3 to Year 6. The Eco Warriors work to help the school achieve a greater contribution to recycling and reducing waste. They inform pupils and staff through organising assemblies and a display. They have also achieved the Silver Eco School Award for their work and are currently striving to achieve Green Flag status.

The Eco Warriors meet fortnightly to decide on projects to be tackled and to organise events like Waste Week, Big Tidy Up of the local community and encourage parental engagement through competitions.

Who are we?

Eco Warriors are elected by staff and peers to represent their classes:

Elijah Yaya

Saint Afolabi

Chanelia Nyembwe

Destiny McKoy

Tyrece Clark

Chelsea Durnall-Bishton

James Busby

Gianni Tanner

Logan Martin

Leighton Porteous