Lunchtime Buddies

The Lunchtime Buddies/Peer Supporters are made up of children from across school. They work closely with the school’s Lunchtime Staff, in order to facilitate games/play activities at lunchtime and mediate issues between children during lunchtime, thus improving the overall quality of provision.

The Lunchtime Buddies/Peer Supporters work on a rota basis and have their own display within school, which details their roles, activities available and daily times for these activities. They also work closely with the school’s Sports Coach.

Who are we?

Thomas Causer

Steven Ball

Keeley Bowles

Mya Lloyd

Shanae Grant

Kiona Malcolm

Caitlin Foyle

Kelsie-Mai Davies

Mckenzie Harper

Arizona Bourne

Steven Machin

Jenna Hill

Sinea Murphy

Joshua Potts

Jessica Baker

Thomas Hodgkinson

Keira-Leigh Marshall

Joshua Yaya

Kelsey Leaver

Kayo Kouomou