Results & Progress


At Whitgreave Junior School, we believe that children must attend school unless they are unwell or there are special circumstances that have been cleared with the Head Teacher.  Research has shown that children have better life chances if they attend school regularly. We reward children in school with at least good attendance. Each week the class with the highest attendance percentage receives a reward. In addition, every child receives a raffle ticket for every day they attend school, a draw is held weekly and a child from each class receives a prize. Furthermore, every term we hold a special reward assembly, where children with at least good attendance are presented with a certificate and medal. Also, at the end of each term, the class with the highest attendance are rewarded with a school trip, such as bowling.

We are working hard to maintain our attendance. We would appreciate your co-operation with school procedures if your child is absent for any reason. By clicking on this link, you will find a copy of the School’s Attendance Policy.

Results and Progress

Pupil Progress and Attainment:

How well do pupils progress and achieve at Whitgreave Junior School?

At Whitgreave we believe pupils should make good progress in learning in every lesson, every day, every week, every term and every year.

Pupil achievement is judged in two ways:

  • Attainment – this refers to what levels the children are. By the end of Year 6, the expectation is for a child to be working at a 6S (Expected Standard).
  • Progress – this refers to how well pupils have progressed in their learning from their starting point.

Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Results (SATs) 2017

Cohort Size: 59 pupils % of pupils achieving the expected standard % of pupils achieving a high level of attainment Average Scaled Score Average Progress
Subject School National School National School National School National
Reading 80% 72% 22% 25% 104.1 104.1 1.77 0
Writing 92% 76% 51% 18% N/A 6.77 0
Maths 93% 75% 31% 23% 105.6 104.2 2.99 0
SPAG 93% 77% 34% 31% 107.9 106 N/A

 Performance Tables:

You can use performance tables (sometimes called league tables) to compare schools in your area. The tables provide information such as test results and progress, pupil absence and finance. To view Whitgreave Junior School’s Performance Tables, please click here.

Ofsted Reports:

Ofsted Inspection 2015

This Ofsted Report provides judgements about the school’s performance. Whitgreave Junior School was judged to be outstanding in November 2015.

Interim Assessment 2014

This letter provides judgements on the school’s performance from the Ofsted Interim Assessment of 2014.

Subject Inspection 2012

This document provides the judgements on the school’s performance from the Ofsted Science Subject Inspection of 2012.

Ofsted Inspection 2011

This Ofsted Report provides judgements about the school’s performance.

Government Initiatives IQ

Government Initiatives IQ recognises Whitgreave Junior School as a Top Performing and Improving School.

By clicking on the link below, you will be able to view the school’s profile, gallery and editorial.

Gov Initiatives Report WJS July 14